Sutter Creek Community Benefit Foundation – Membership

Why become a member of the Sutter Creek Community Benefit Foundation?

  • Because we need you!
  • More than 97% of all membership dues go directly into grant making efforts.
  • With your membership you begin to make a difference for the causes you care about in this special community. And because we plan to serve this community for a long time, you can be assured that there will be a permanent source of funds available for issues you care about.

What does it mean to be a member of the Sutter Creek Community Benefit Foundation?

  • Members of the Sutter Creek Community Benefit Foundation provide the resources that drive the projects and programs we undertake on an annual basis.
  • Without membership dues our board could not continue to provide the support that we offer to our community and our donors.
  • Members can participate as much or as little as they want. They can help recruit new members, plan events or volunteer to be on one of our committees.
  • Members will be invited to our annual meetings and any special events.
  • We encourage you to become a part of the Sutter Creek Community Benefit Foundation. With your help, we will fulfill our mission to restore, preserve and develop Sutter Creek’s historic and cultural assets now and forever.
  • Join your friends, family, neighbors, and other community members and become a member of the Sutter Creek Community Benefit Foundation.

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Meet Our Members & Donors

Charter Members

Linda Rianda
Norman Wheeler
Jeremy & Shirley McCarty
Alan & Helen Bierce
Mike & JoAnna Reeves
Louis & Christine Boitano
Sharyn Brown
Jackson Dermatology
Frank & Cathie Cunha
Robert N. Hann
Robert & Athena Gordon
John Daubenspeck
Mark & Lisa Klosowski
Hauge Brueck Associates, LLC
Toni Linde
Tim & Jill Murphy
John & Rosemarie LaBelle
Ed & Margaret Swift
Robert & Faye Fyock
Charter Members
Bob Greene
Lynn Shields
DeDe & Patrick Doran
Mark Koenig
Nancy Martinelli
Paul & Andrea Danczyk
Alan & Susan Ross
Nancy & Rick Champlin

Charter Members continued

Lucas Family
Jim DeLorenzo
Dennis Larson
Peter Lilley
Cindy Cass
S.C. United Methodist Church
Judge Hermanson & Family
Mottoros Creekside Cottage
Ed & Francine Pogue
Claire Gunselman
Bob & Lorraine Daniels
Joe & Susan Lagomarsino
Bruce & Saundra Baracco
Bob & Colleen Cookson
William McGee
Ron & Happy Floyd
Elizabeth Cookson
Ms. Marilyn Mociun
Kevin & Lindsay Cookson
Renee Chapman
Karen Sage
Chuck Laughlin
Kati Corsaut
Mike Phalen
Gary & Paula Wooten
Sue Hepworth
Christopher Shaffner
Jennifer Cookson

Thank you for your support!

$1,000 – $4,999

Amador Transit Mix
Bob Greene; Greene Computer
Cathie Cunha
Craig Battaglia
Ed Swift
Frank Cunha
Gary Wooten
Helen Bierce
Hotel Sutter
Josh Hock Concrete
Lisa Klosowski
Louis Boitano
Lynn Shields; LMS Marketing
Manassero Insurance
Masonic Temple Ophir Lodge #33 F & AM
Meek’s Lumber
MS. Marilyn Mocium
Rick & Nancy Champlin
Robert Gordon
Sharyn Brown
Sutter Creek Lions
Tim Murphy
Toni Linde
Rick McCombs
Linda Rianda
Linda Meadows
Caroline Somary
Ed and Mimi Arata
Sutter Creek Women’s Club

Donors continued


Cal State Engineering Inc.
Campbell Constriction
Hotel Sutter
Native Sons Historical Preservation Foundation
Weber-Ghio & Associates Inc
Pete Garibaldi
Tom Blackman

$10,000 & above

Native Sons Sutter Creek Parlor #17
Sutter Gold Mine
Bob & Colleen Cookson
Sean Murphy of Town and Country Contractors Inc.